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What are Advanced Directives and Why are They Important to Me?

Most people do not understand their Advance Directives fully. Why should you care?

To drive this point home, I had a client who was elderly and in the hospital with cardiac issues. She revealed her end of life wishes were DNR, or Do Not Resuscitate. A DNR status is part of a living will, which is just one of multiple Advance Directives.

When I asked her if she would like to be resuscitated if she knew the outcome would be a good quality of life, she responded, “absolutely!” I explained to her that choosing to have a DNR status meant she would not have CPR initiated, or any other life saving measures, should her life end. This was NOT her understanding or wishes, and she committed to revisiting this conversation with her physician. She only wished to have life saving measures withheld if the prognosis was for a very poor quality of life.

Through Elder Advocates of CT, I can assist you in understanding your Advance Directives, answering any questions, getting the proper documents to initiate your wishes, contacting your physician to discuss, and help you in insuring that your life wishes are part of your living will.

Contact me today to confirm that your wishes are part of your living will! Email me at or call 203-626-2077.

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