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EAC Can Be There With Your Parent When You Cannot

The reality is that people are living longer. Many people are also feeling they need to work past the traditional retirement age. This, combined with some other factors, makes it very challenging for families to meet the needs of aging parents. Families are more spread out than in the past and in general, people tend to stay much busier.

From years of being a healthcare provider, and my experience with my own mom, parents need and benefit from having another individual with them when they go for medical appointments. They need help remembering all the questions they want to ask, they require assistance at times because they often don’t hear or fully understand what the doctor says to them, and they need guidance contributing to the conversation to ask unplanned questions as the visit evolves.

If this has struck a chord with you, please know you have options! This is a part of the advocacy services we love to provide through Elder Advocates of Connecticut. Reach out today for a free consultation through our online form, an email, or by calling 203-626-2077.

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