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The Needs are Great as Our Loved Ones Age

by Aimee Powers, DPT

President & Founder

Elder Advocates of CT

For sure, the needs are great as an individual is aging.

In my work with Elder Advocates, I frequently encounter individuals (or their families) who share with me a myriad of problems that a loved one is having. Most often, they don’t even know where to begin or who to turn to for help.

Recently, I met Mrs. Stile (named changed to protect privacy) who was experiencing severe shoulder pain and couldn’t use her arm for any tasks. This included difficulty with driving. She lived alone and did not have any children in the area, though she did have one local elderly sister who she relied on for help at times.

Mrs. Stiles was overwhelmed with multiple medical issues that she had been experiencing, and reported to me that she was getting very overwhelmed with managing and making decisions related to her health insurance. She was growing increasingly stressed by not understanding most of what the doctor said when she went for visits. When she contacted us and asked if we might be able to help her, the answer was a resounding yes! We can help with it all!

Elder Advocates starts with a comprehensive assessment to see what needs there are, and then helps prioritize them and create a plan in collaboration with the client (and family). As we begin this process, we notice an almost immediate sense of calm and peace coming over our client. They now realize that someone will listen, know their concerns, and will help to carry the load.

In this specific case with Mrs. Stiles, calls were placed to physicians to get the shoulder issue and other medical concerns addressed, transportation was arranged, in-home help was set up, insurance information was reviewed, and the client agreed to have the advocate be the liaison with her insurance provider. Visits with the client and advocate were set up weekly for the first month, then monthly thereafter.

Mrs. Stile no longer feels alone and overwhelmed and states she feels that she has a new friend, her advocate!

Contact me today at or call 203-626-2077.

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