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Why Elder Advocates of CT?

Simply to provide you and your family with exceptional care, guidance, and peace of mind as you and your family face the many difficult challenges of aging. 


The primary mission of Elder Advocates of CT (EAC) is to provide every client and family with exceptional care and advocacy through the multiple challenges of aging. The well-being of a client is the first priority . . . Elder Advocates of CT represents and advocates solely for you or your loved one.


Elder Advocates of CT brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare system to help you and your family navigate its many complexities. Clients receive guidance related to medical appointments and clinical treatments, living situations, safety and well-being, and much more.

Peace of Mind.

It is virtually impossible to age in the United States today and not face a myriad of difficult decisions and challenges. Elder Advocates of CT is there to help every step of the way, to manage stressful and overwhelming situations, and provide peace of mind for every client and family.

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