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Services of Elder Advocates of CT

Healthcare Coordination

Elder Advocates will make sure that your doctors and clinicians are communicating . . . ensuring that there is coordination and balance for optimal health outcomes. 

Medication Review

Most elderly clients take a number of prescription meds as part of their healthcare regimen. EAC will continually review and monitor these meds to insure compliance and safety.  

Living Situation Management

What is the best living situation during this phase of life for you or your elderly family member? EAC will assess all potential options to help each client thrive.  

Outside Resources Supervision

Have "peace of mind" knowing that EAC is delivering expert recommendations for outside resources and services. We will also provide unannounced wellness visits and check-ins. 

Medicare/Insurance Review

EAC is here to help you navigate every eligible benefit from your health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. 

Representing YOU

EAC is here to advocate for you in all circumstances . . . whether it's calling a physician for clarification, questioning an invoice from the hospital, insuring your living situation is safe, and much more!

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