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Why Doesn’t My Health Care Provider Listen to Me?!

It can be very frustrating when you speak with your health care provider and they refer to something you have said inaccurately or they aren’t really listening at all.

Recently Elder Advocates of CT accompanied an elderly gentleman during his emergency room visit due to experiencing chest pressure at home. Once given medication, the chest pressure was improved but not fully resolved. Each medical provider that came in would ask if the man was still experiencing chest pain. The man would respond no. It was very obvious that the man was confused and frustrated that they were referring to "chest pain", when in fact, he had not had any of this symptom. It was also obvious that the clinicians were treating him as if his symptoms were fully resolved, but they weren’t.

The gentleman’s advocate stepped in and explained that they were misrepresenting his symptoms, that he was having "chest pressure", that it had improved and was still present, just less intense. This prompted further testing, monitoring and medication management. The patient was so comforted to have someone listening, understanding and advocating for him at his side. He was kept overnight and sent home the next day with his symptoms fully resolved.

If there is one thing that all of us at Elder Advocates of CT will do best . . . we will listen to you! This means that we will listen to everything you say, what your concerns are, what you need expressed to your health care provider or family member(s), and see to it that your needs are addressed!

Contact us at Elder Advocates of CT today! Email or call 203-626-2077.

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