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Should I Keep Mom (or Dad) at Home?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Elder Advocates of CT is, “should I keep my mom (or dad) in her own home, or is it time to move to a setting that will provide assistance?”

Let me come assist you in making these difficult decisions. I will assess all of the factors that impact that decision and inform you of all options so you can make a wise decision that is best for your family member and you!

Some of the factors that will be looked at are frequency of falls, medication compliance, the home environment for accessibility needs, the level of caregiver exhaustion, and so much more. Having helped elderly individuals in these areas for most of my career, I know I can guide you to a place of feeling peace and confidence as you move forward with all of the challenges of aging.

Contact me at any time to discuss your situation! Email or call 203-626-2077.

Founder and President Elder Advocates of CT

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